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Who we are

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Who We Are

Slingshot's management team is a small group of hard working and fun loving folks who are living our dream of creating great games that are exciting, challenging and real.

Rob Podoloff, President and CTO - Started Slingshot to bring to market the many realistic hardware gaming devices he has worked on. He came to Slingshot with a broad range of product development and systems integration experience. Rob received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and earned his MS at MIT's Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory. He is an avid skier, a dad and a pretty good softball player.

Tom Hunersen, Chief Executive - Joined Slingshot in November, 2001 as the business guy. Tom brings more than 20 years experience in the international finance and banking markets. Tom has developed and run banking businesses in Australia, London and New York dealing in the full range of finance and risk management services. A skier for 35 years Tom is not a snowboarder (yet) but is an avid player of most sports. Tom holds an MBA International Finance from the University of Pittsburgh and a BA from Lafayette College.

Thatcher Ulrich, Chief Programmer - Thatcher joined Slingshot as the "software guy". He came to the project with over ten years of graphics programming experience. At Tectrix Fitness Equipment, he created the 3D rendering technology, physical simulation, and hardware interfacing code for seven Tectrix VR titles. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Duke. Thatch snowboards, plays music and still thinks professional soccer will make it in the States. For more useless personal info, browse to Thatcher's homepage.

Mark Culliton, Business Development - Mark joined Slingshot in 2000, bringing with him considerable experience in marketing alternative technology. He worked in Thailand and Ghana where his work led to the development of the first printing ink production plant in Ghana and the development of a unique exportable agricultural product in Thailand. He received his BA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the Yale School of Management. Mark bought his first snowboard in 1984 and broke his ankle with it that same year. Despite many such injuries Mark trudges on.

John "Coach" Lewis, Executive Producer/Product Manager - John is the product specialist at Slingshot. He was the VR product manager at Tectrix where he toiled ceaselessly to make people sweat for their gaming pleasure. John earned his BA in Philosophy from Boston University, 1993. He snowboards, rides mountain bikes and plays soccer in an effort to find better and more painful ways to fall down. John also has a homepage.

Mike Linkovich, Art Director - Mike is the artistic force behind the visuals of Slingshot's games. He has a long list of game credits to his name, including a series of promotional web games for Proctor & Gamble, a browser-based video game for the Hip-Hop artist "Choclair" for Virgin Music Canada, and location-based work for Playdium and ATI. Previously, he worked for Neuronware Entertainment of Toronto as the lead designer of the 3D-action PC CDROM game SKRAP. He has continued to develop his skills and study honest player feedback with small independent projects like SpaceJack, a hip 2D action game for Windows. Mike attended the Ontario College of Art in Toronto where he developed traditional art skills. Check out Mike's homepage.

M.A.T.C.H. School and Planet Interactive - Students from the Media and Technology Charter High School created our web site design, at a workshop with volunteers from Planet Interactive. Thanks to M.A.T.C.H. School students Sean Porch, Dana Ruff, Steven Chraska, Dujuan (aka RevD) Wright, Reginald Ware and Daryl Smith.