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14 Nov 2003 - Attention New Catapult Owners - USB/Joystick Port Adapters
For those of you who have just bought Catapults and found that your PC does not have a 15 pin joystick port - go to for a USB to Joystick Port adapter (~$15 plus shipping)
22 Oct 2003 - Catapult now available from the Museum Tour catalog!
Slingshot is pleased to announce the inclusion of the Catapult in the 2003-2004 edition of the Museum Tour catalog. The catalog features quality, educational toys and museum gifts that stimulate curiosity, provide aesthetic pleasure and enhance the joy of learning. Please check out the listing for the Catapult (and the entire Museum Tour catalog at the following link: Museum Tour Catalog
21 Mar 2003 - Check out this months Wired magazine
Yup, that's our boy Thatcher being quoted in the latest issue of Wired. He talks about his concept for the futuristic game Windjammer - a 3D super-simulation of sail-boarding. Sounds like a good fit for the Catapult! Check it out.
20 Jan 2003 - Soul Ride Engine goes GPL

The Soul Ride engine is now licensed under the GNU General Public License. We are doing this to facilitate ports to other platforms such as Linux, and to help the community improve the engine. See the project page at for details and CVS access.

Please note that while the GPL'd engine is the real thing, not crippled in any way, the data and music that come with the full game are not under the GPL. If you want to play the full game, you must buy a game CD from our store or from a retailer.

The Virtual Resorts are available for free download and work with the Soul Ride Engine. Note that the virtual resort data is free (as in beer) but is not under the GPL -- you may not redistribute it without permission.

5 Dec 2002 - Virtual Jay Peak for Linux!
Hot off the keyboard! A version of Virtual Jay Peak for Linux is now available -- see the Virtual Jay Peak page to download it now!
31 May 2002 - The Catapult on TV
The Catapult recently received some TV news coverage:
27 May 2002 - E3 Media Release
Here's our media release from the E3 tradeshow.
14 Mar 2002 - Virtual Breck goes Live! Download it today!
We finally worked things out with Breckenridge and now have Virtual Breck ready for you to download. Go to the Breck page in the Virtual Resorts section and enjoy! For info on the real mountain, be sure to check out
12 Feb 2002 - Slingshot at Toy Fair in NYC!
Check out some of the links below to see what the media had to say when they saw us at the 2002 International Toy Fair in New York City.
MSNBC: New game catapults you to the slopes
NY1 News Story
4 Feb 2002 - Toy Fair Media Release
Slingshot Presents Catapult at Toy Fair in NYC
26 Dec 2001 - Virtual Jay Peak goes LIVE!
Yes folks, its true. Virtual Jay Peak is finally available for download at Check out the tree runs that make Jay the best glade skiing in the East.
24 Oct 2001 - Catapults available from Slingshot online store!
Believe it or not we've finally got Catapults ready to ship in time for the holiday season! After what seems like an eternity in development, the world's best virtual snowboard is ready to go. Shipping complete with a full copy of Soul Ride, the Catapult is the first PC game controller to accurately simulate the motions of snowboarding and skateboarding in the comfort of your own home. Check out the details on the Catapult page of this website.
27 Oct 2001 - Breckenridge complete, Jay Peak and updated Stratton due Soon!
We've shipped the GOLD version of Virtual Breckenridge and it should be appearing on Breck's site ( any day now. The game features Breck's incredible terrain and an updated version of the Soul Ride engine which now supports mouse control. This same new engine will be available soon with virtual versions of Vermont's Jay Peak ( and an updated version of last years hit, Virtual Stratton (
13 Jun 2001 - Breckenridge Signs On!
Breckenridge Resort in Colorado will be joining the Slingshot family of Virtual Resorts in the Fall of 2001. The famous western destination has signed on with Slingshot for a downloadable game based on the Soul Ride engine and their topography. We will be releasing more information (like which runs will be featured, etc.) and screenshots as we develop the game over the summer. Stay tuned...
6 Mar 2001 - Support FAQ
We've improved our Soul Ride page with the addition of a new Support FAQ. It has video tips, a controls chart, and useful information about CD audio. Check it out if you want to get the most out of the game, or if you run into trouble.