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Virtual Resorts

Virtual Resorts are FREE downloads which demonstrate the Soul Ride engine using the groomed resort terrain of Stratton Mountain, Breckenridge, and Jay Peak.

For a peek at what Soul Ride gameplay looks like, watch the Soul Ride trailer [24 MB] (low-res version [7 MB]). It features breathtaking views and adrenaline-pumping gameplay footage from Tuckerman Ravine, plus the soothing sounds of The Sadies and Sinkhole from the Soul Ride soundtrack.

Here are a couple MP3's from the soundtrack:

New Sweet Breath "B-Liner" [2.2 MB]
Bender "Soap Opera" [2.2 MB]

Look for more audio samples on the record-label sites:

Bloodshot Records
Mint Records
Ringing Ear Records

Source Code

Coders: the Soul Ride engine (not the data that comes with the full game -- just the code that runs the game) is now open source, licensed under the GNU Public License. See the project page at for details and CVS access.